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End-of-life (EOL) care and decision making embody the critical final stage in a pet’s life and are as important and meaningful as the sum of the clinical care provided for all prior life stages. EOL care should focus on maximizing patient comfort and minimizing suffering while providing a collaborative and supportive partnership with the caregiver client. 


Dr. Lauren will perform a quality of life evaluation to help evaluate all the factors involved with your elderly pet in your home.  This typically involves a thorough history, prior veterinary records, physical examination, and environmental evaluation so as to help work out the best decision for your loved one.

If the decision is made that humane euthanasia is to be performed, a sedative is given to your pet to help relax them for the procedure.

After your pet has passed you may need the help of a pet cemetery.  There are a few cemeteries in the Genesee Valley.


Pet Passages  585-265-9933

Pets at Peace 585-544-2041

Rush Inter Pet 585-533-1685

Genesee Valley Farms 585-343-5875

Hornell Humane Society 607-324-1270

Ontario County Humane Society 585-396-4590

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